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Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 2:13 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 0 Comments

Obviously I have nothing to do on this day but sit around at home and browse the internet, ranting to the mere 8 followers that Female Trouble has at the moment (I'm kind of sick anyways, so goes my excuse), but the one redeeming thing about today is that Perfume has announced a new single slated for April. Essentially that means in the next few months we're going to be getting three new Nakata related releases (Player, Liar Game 2, and the currently untitled Perfume single).

To continue on with Perfume-related news (since I don't nearly mention them as much as I'd want to on here [probably because you can find most information from Perfume City or Contemode Blog anyways, but today I'll make an exception])

Today is A-Chan's 21st Birthday!

(Taken from Perfume City)

Happy Birthday to Perfume's youngest member, A-Chan! I hope you have a wonderful day. All Perfume's members are 21 now, isn't that surreal? My motto has always been that it's okay to obsesses over girl groups, as long as they're older than you :3

And because it's Valentines Day here in the states, I thought this would be a fitting song to post. If you're a Perfume fan and you haven't heard it, well... you need to! This song is an official remix by Nakata and was released only on 7", limited to 100 copies by a mail-in contest by 'Remix' magazine.

It's enough of a pain in the ass that most of the noise I wish to purchase is in severely limited copies, but even my favorite mainstream pop group? And only at 100 copies it's most likely the rarest Perfume item out there. I'm sure even this guy doesn't have it

Puts my collection to shame

I'm gonna go eat a burrito, play Paper Mario and study Japanese. What a day.


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