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Friday, July 22, 2011 at 12:21 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments

I usually don't do this sort of thing, but my good friend Houston recently wrote about Nemu Yumemi, a fairly new idol within the Akiba scene who is tearing things up! He described her pretty well, so I'll spare you my boring description!

"Nemu Yumemi is a "budding idol" from the Akihabara district in Tokyo. Akihabara, famously, is the neighborhood in Tokyo that is most densely populated by stores bearing items that are essential to the "otaku" lifestyle. Whether it be anime paraphernalia and action figures (which I guess could be anime paraphernalia as well) or video games and a great set of headphones (for the audiophile in you) Akihabara is filled with toys for the obsessive. In turn the music that comes out of a place like this is often goofy, obsessive in it's lyrical themes, and based around anime or anime-esque gimmicks. Nemu is one fifth of the larger idol group でんぱ組.inc (Denpa Gumi, Inc.) but--for me--the real prize is her solo work. The group had it's [I believe] second single come out on the sixth (at least the second with all of it's members, allegedly there is one from 2008 with only the two founding members--neither of these members is Nemu) and Nemu only has one single out as well, but I for one believe that this is the start of something beautiful. Nemu is my contemporary Yukiko."

To describe Nemu, I would call her "punk moe." Her lives definitely have an unmatched amount of energy and interaction that most artists like her fail to display. Along with being a denpa artist, she is also a DJ and model. Akiba-worthy indeed. Download her first single, 魔法少女☆未満.

Official Site/Tumblr: http://nemu.dearstage.com/
SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/nemuq/

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 5:36 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 0 Comments

IZ BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I RAWK N ROLLED. I've been picking up a lot of random Alchemy releases lately, so I'll be posting here a bit again. These days I'm usually just on Tumblr, where sometimes I'll post stuff like this. This one is the first CD single ever put out by Alchemy by a playful punk outfit named Sekiri. They mostly sing about food and sex. What every girl likes. It's your standard Japanese girl punker stuff, not too out there, but quite enjoyable and fun to hear. Enjoy!