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sora are another relatively unknown screamo group from Japan. Lead vocalist/guitarist Kenta Uchida also plays in the group Killie, but sora's music dwells little on the chaotic, borderline avant-garde leanings of Killie. Instead, sora produces a much more guitar-based, melodic brand of screamo.

1st Demo

1. 空の下 [Sora no Shita]
2. 無色の景色 [Mushoku no Keshiki]

*A 4 way split between Rivival Sleep/sora/Forget me not/Folio. Only the sora tracks are in here*

1. 無色の景色 [Mushoku no Keshiki] *Re-recorded Version*
2. 小さな手 [Chiisana Te]

sora's latest CDs can be purchased from the Oto Records Distro. Or you can place a direct order by e-mail [oto_records@hotmail.com]


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  1. hey!do u have other ep for Sora?
    do u have msn or facebook?
    maybe we could share something!

  2. Yeah, I have their two latest albums. I've been hesitant to upload them because they're pretty easy to get from Oto Records and they're not too expensive like CDs from Japan usually are, but I think I'm just gonna upload them soon anyways. And yeah, I have Facebook. Just type in my name, Garrett Yoshio Yim.

  3. thanks!
    but i couldnt find your name on Facebook...
    im so interested in these japan screamo, so maybe i could send u some file about these bands.
    or try mine in facebook,type this mail address:

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