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(320 kbps)


Apparently Yasutaka Nakata and Contemode aren't the only names one should associate with great techno-pop coming out these days. Producer Ōnishi Terukado and his label, D-Topia, are further establishing themselves as the next best thing.

One of their current stars includes Saori@destiny. If you're already familiar with other contemporaries like Perfume, there really isn't much to explain except the subtleties. Saori@destiny's music tends to lean more towards the 'techno' part of 'techno-pop,' and is suited for the dance floor. Longer instrumental breaks, more 90's throwback samples. There's even a cover of TRF's 'Ez Do Dance' on here. The vocals tend to stand out a bit more clear with less of the vocoder and autotune that we've all come to associate so closely with the current techno-pop scene.

As far as techno-pop albums go, this one is a little more straightforward, but a tad more focused. Only clocking in at roughly 30 minutes, there is hardly a chance for you to catch your breath and reflect. Although there aren't many surprises, it doesn't take away from the fact that it's extremely catchy. If you're a fan of any of Nakata's works, you'll be very pleased with Saori@destiny.


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Download (192 kbps)
[1] [2]

山本リンダ (or Linda Yamamoto to westerners like us) is a Japanese singer who was very prominent in the 60's and 70's. The original version of her biggest hit, 狙いうち (Nerai uchi/Sharpshoot), is featured on this album. A complete bombshell, her provocative dress style was one of the things that propelled her into the limelight, being quite known for having a revealed butty button in some of her stage costumes. Not only is her look noticeably different, but her vocal style projects like no other. That kind of deep, sultry, sexy voice that sends shivers down your spine.

Linda's music sounds like something that would be played in the backdrop of a Seijun Suzuki film, or to make that statement sound more modern, something that Tarantino would pick up for one of his films. The production value is high, with various percussion, a brassy horn section, swirling violins, and manic piano playing, all with Linda's powerhouse vocals in front.

The first disc is the complete album. The second are instrumentals for those of you at home who want to karaoke some Linda, or for you wacky noise peeps who will probably manipulate it for something ;P


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[Part 2]

1. Amai Zeitaku (甘い贅沢; lit. Sweet Luxury) - MEG
2. China Discotica (Substance Remix) - Aira Mitsuki
3. Local Train - immi
4. Stay Fine - Sound Around
5. Love Me After 12AM -RAM RIDER REMIX- - m-flo <3s Alex (CLAZZIQUAI Project)
6. Sayonara Revival (サヨナラリヴァイバル; lit. Goodbye Revival) - Saori@destiny
7. The Goonies ‘r’ Good Enough - Sweet Vacation
8. My Treasure
9. Meu Sonho (yasutaka nakata - capsule mix) - KALEIDO
10. you’ll be all right -re:construct- - Iwaya Shigeru
11. Magic Colors - Nakatsuka Takeshi
12. Sun Lights Stars (yasutaka nakata 8FM mix) - RAM RIDER
13. Just - Q;indivi
14. R.G.B - Spangle calli Lilli line
15. Dreaming rabbit - The Sakura Telephone

A great compilation detailing the current electrohouse scene in Japan. Includes works by Yasutaka Nakata, Terukado, Ram Rider and many more. For people who need an introduction or for those who are already quite familiar with the scene. Cute, sexy, upbeat. I would usually be more detailed about an album like this, but either you like this kind of music or not. The only thing wrong about this album is that there's no Perfume!

Sample Video:


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Romaji Tracklist:
1. etc... rabu
2. Shizuru
3. Tasshu de Atsukeepu
4. Comirukarafu
5. Baby Star Hunter
6. Modorunkioku
7. Toromajutsu
8. DNA Shiikuensu
9. Waaningu

Remember when you were a child and you were filled with anger when you heard that the latest episode of Pokemon would not be showed overseas because when Polygon appeared on the screen and started flashing, it caused thousands of children to have seizures? Well, don't feel so down, because I would imagine that Toromi's music is the audio equivalent of that (actually, I even have a friend who literally had a seizure while watching one of Toromi's videos, I don't think there was any actual evidence that supported the correlation of the two things together, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the real reason behind it). Toromi's music is extremely cute, and as one blog describes it, 'unethically so.' While the world of high pitched denpa artists may turn most people off, there is an alarming sense of melody and tight production lying behind said vocals. The albums of Toromi draw an extremely thin line between something of childlike innocence and something disturbing beyond comprehension. Don't die.


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Self-proclaimed 'Tokyo Virginity Pop' group, Urbangarde, lies somewhere between the somewhat sexual exuberance of denpa heroes, Under17, and the experimental-pop leanings of Yapoos. A hyperactive blend of non-stop synths, drum-machines, and somewhat monotonous duel male/female vocals preaching the message of keeping your virginity, the mental disease of otakusim and other social phenomenons within Japan, Urbangarde's music is almost specifically, and ironically, made for the kind of people that they seem to be speaking out against. Nevertheless, this is a very interesting record, too experimental to be pop, but too pop to be completely experimental. Highly recommended.

This record and other items can be purchased directly from their site through PayPal: http://www.urbangarde.net/english.htm


Supercar was an alternative/electronic rock band from Japan. While the two words, 'electronic' and 'alternative rock,' have become so closely integrated together ever since albums like Kid A were released and Pitchfork fanboys everywhere believed that said genre is the height of experimentation within the realm of alternative rock music, and that Radiohead had already established the pinnacle of said 'clashing of genres', nobody has probably even bothered to believe that there is any album better than their precious Kid A. Well, those people are wrong (and for two very important reasons). Kid A is overrated, and most people have never heard of Futurama.

While it is to my belief that Radiohead are no longer a relevant band, and that most of their material no longer interests me, it is hard to describe the sound of Supercar without mentioning some kind of British influence on their sound. Supercar is possibly the most British sounding band that has not come out of Britain, and while that may be the case, their sound is still heavily Japanese due to the highly futuristic aesthetic the album maintains. When William Gibson visited Japan and saw Shibuya, Tokyo, he described the scenery of modern Japan as 'cyberpunk.' While some songs off of Futurama contain a sort of melancholy mood to them, most of them do not really lean towards the side of cyberpunk which is nihilist and bleak, instead it leans towards the small glimpses of futuristic beauty beyond the mechanical and sterile.

Futurama is not as much of an album that is depicting the future as much as it is an album that is depicting progress into the future. And in that way, Futurama is still fresh 10 years later. It is an album that grows with you over time, rather than reaching for something that may or may not exist.

But not to bloat this album with it's apparently 'futuristic' themes, Futurama is an amazing pop album in it's own right. Harmonizing male/female vocals, blissed out almost 'shoegaze' like riffing mixed with heavy electronic undertones. Every song is different and complete in it's own right, but as an album in whole, it accomplishes something even more rewarding.

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Junpei is an entomologist and a school teacher who has left Tokyo to study abroad desert plains in Hiroshi Teshigahara's 1964 Woman in the Dunes. He becomes stranded in the sand dunes and meets a woman (the woman in the dunes) in which Teshigahara's disturbing depiction of isolation unravels.

Kobo Abe, the author of the book Woman in the Dunes...in which this film is based off of, has his other works including the the title itself on Amazon (I was planning on reading the book before hand, however, I have read online that readers agree the film has done more than justice), so it's pending on my list of to-reads.

The Criterion Collection released this film: Information and DVD purchase
the torrent for those less fortunate to have sixty dollars at hand: 1964-Woman in the Dunes


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Is this an all-star line-up or what?

Miki Sawaguchi (famed, big-breasted AV idol)
Jojo Hiroshige (leader of Hijokaidan)
Masami Akita (the Merz man himself)
Masahiko Ohno (trash guitar noise God, Solmania)

The vibe is eerie and lucid for the most part, Miki Sawaguchi's spoken word is oddly relaxing, yet her other vocal styles (characterized by either loud cackling, or weeping and whining like a school-girl) are so cute in such a disturbing way, that you'll probably just end up feeling the latter anyways. This is an amazing album worth checking out for fans of any of the above mentioned people. Now if I could only find the 'Big Boobs' album by Miki Sawaguchi...


A collection of live Hijokaidan videos for everyone to enjoy, with download links below




Look at Junko jumping! Too cute