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Thursday, April 29, 2010 at 8:43 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 2 Comments

Nagomu Records was a label founded by Uchouten leader and vocalist Kera at the beginning of the 80's.
It was just a way for him to release the Uchouten recordings at first but it became one of the most important independant label in Japan by the end of the decade. Uchouten and Kinniku Shojotai went on major record companies and Zin-Say transformed into Denki Groove at the beginning of the 90's.

But in 1983, Nagomu has only released the first Uchouten sonosheet and Kera is looking for another band. He went to the same high-school as the Kinniku Shojotai members and became friends with them. But he refuses to release their first record because it was just bad hard-rock at the time.

He decides to form a side-project unit with two of their members, Kenji Ôtsuki and Yuichirô Uchida. Just for fun.
No one takes the band seriously and most of the songs are composed and recorded at home on the Electone keyboard of Uchida's father.

The band is named Karate Bakabon (a mix between 'Karate Baka Ichidai', a manga based on Sonny Chiba's master Masatatsu Ôyama' life, and 'Tensai Bakabon' known in the west as 'The Genius Bakabon').

"Bakabon No Susume" is released in september 1983. It contains 6 tracks of cheap home-made techno-pop (everyone in the band was fan of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Hikashu and the likes) and some spoken interludes about an enigmatic deity named Bakabon and his sect of believers.

This record is pure genius for some and just plain garbage for others.
It's up to you now!

Meganekun, i was a teenage Nagomu gal!

Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 12:27 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments

Miki Sawaguchi is a fairly well known AV idol from Japan (although, personally I have yet to see any of her films yet), she is perhaps most well known for her, well... as the album title goes, Big Boobs. Aside from being just an AV idol though, she has branched out towards many other projects, appearing as a regular cast member on shows like YOUNG and Gilgamesh Night and focusing on musical endeavors such as this one.

Besides being a busty porn star, why should the Japan-obsessed, seedy and strange of us care even the slightest about her outside of that career? Well, for experimental music fans, the words Alchemy Records and Jojo Hiroshige may spark a considerable amount of interest. Sawaguchi has on many times collaborated with the legendary Hijokaidan.

Big Boobs was released in 1999 on Alchemy Records and quickly went out of print. Jojo himself appears on several tracks lending his standard shredding. How can one begin to describe this album? The phrase, "worst album I have ever heard in my life" is one I've come across several times when searching for this album, even from fans of noise. Sure, the album may be full of horrible Engrish, with covers of songs like 'Be Straight' by Joan Jett, and 'Mercedes Benz' by Janis Joplin, but it's oddities like that that give the album such a unique charm. From the droney, spoken-word noise of '子宮と人' to the mellow longing of tracks like '私の胸でおねむりなさい,' this album of cheesy rock covers, pop ballads, and harsh noise is possibly one of the most interesting records I have ever heard. This album is in no way a piece of novelty, it is a great record in its own right. And I don't even like big boobs :3

Friday, April 16, 2010 at 9:04 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 0 Comments

I haven't made my presence known on on this blog in god knows how long...Garrett and Megane-kun have been holding up the fort very nicely, so kudos to both.

A couple months ago, per recommendation, I played through what is now my favorite game of all time. This is Mother 2, or in as released America, Earthbound. I hope that some of you have played this game, but if not, I'm sure you'll recognize the main character as Ness...the little boy equipped with hat and baseball bat in the Super Smash games. A general and very vague synopsis of the game would be..: 'a boy with a bat and psychic powers saving the world'. The MOTHER SERIES is truly of it's own kind though...The gameplay is unique as is the dialogue. There is a sense of longing and nostalgia in the world that Shigesato Itoi (writer/creator) has graced us players with. Each character you encounter makes a true bond, even so that leveling up is not a concern as much as getting involved with your surroundings and the entities existing...? I can't really put to words how genius this game is....I'd put the game to shame. Please and perhaps you will find out for yourself! Let me know if you want me to post any roms or emulators...


at 11:30 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 0 Comments


Can words describe the totally ass-kicking essence of this record?
I don't think so but i'll try anyway.

First, i have to say that "Troma City Pollution Attack" has been one of my favourite records since i got it on a 120-minutes mixtape crammed with fastcore and powerviolence nearly 10 years ago.

The tape also had some early Razor's Edge, Lie and the Slight Slappers' masterpiece "A Selfish World Called Freedom". But even what was considered as the cream of the japanese punk-hardcore scene could not compare with the almighty Flash Gordon.

Look at this more-than-ugly cover! Yes, there's the Toxic Avenger drawn by a mentally-challenged child on it! And the other cover on the back is even uglier if that's even possible!

Now check out the track-list : Road Warrior, Surf Nazis Must Die!, Toxic Avenger, Whipping Queen, Yakiniku Warfare!
How can you not like a track called "
That's right, it's impossible.

I'd like to talk more about the lyrics but the insert is just the ultimate katakana nightmare of every japanese language student :

What about the music?

Well, it's over-the-top crazed and snotty fast thrashcore.

The thing we used to call "bandana-core" around 2000-2001 when bands like What Happens Next?, DS-13 and Vitamin X brought back pure energy and fun into hardcore (which, at this point, had become short-haired shitty metalcore bands singing about animal liberation and describing their vegan diets).

A lot of bands just played generic and fast-but-boring thrash around the time but Flash Gordon really deserves the superlatives i used above.
The songs are short and REALLY fast, there are plenty of silly guitar solos as well as rad breakdowns which make you want to break your bones trying to ride a fat skateboard or to start a circle-pit alone in your room... Basically more fun and energy you can hope for.

Flash Gordon released two 7", had 4 tracks on the awesome "Tomorrow Will Be Worse" compilation and then released their only full-length on Answer Records, a label from Nagoya.

Well, i don't know if you can call a 15-minutes long record a full-length... But who cares? Every second of this record is worth listening and moshing along to!

Some members (the guitarist and singer if i'm not mistaken) are now playing in a band called Ada-Max. Which can be described as splatter-crossover-thrash-with-insane-vocals-on-top.

You know it's all good.


Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 1:13 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 10 Comments

Tampon Tango was a Japanese film released in 1975, blurring the line between porn and cult flick. I'm actually not sure what it is trying to be as the plotline and visuals are too bizarre to be a straight porn, but the actual sex scenes are too vanilla to actually turn someone on.

The film revolves around a pornographer and several of his actors and actresses. One of the women mentions interest in setting up a scene where tampons are forcibly inserted into a girl's vagina as this kind of scene has 'never been done before.'

Nice product placement

From there the film delves into a blurry of oddball scenes consisting of penis guitar playing and women placing explosives in their lower regions. I don't want to spoil all the scenes, so I'll keep it at that.

Tampon Tango: A possible influence on The Gerogerigegege?

Now from all of this, you must think that this is the greatest film ever. Well, while there are no doubt some amazing and unique scenes in this film, the consistency of them is where this movie falls a little flat. In between some of the more memorable scenes are some flat-out boring and not to mention, extremely long sex scenes. A true test of endurance. Even for those of you nipponphiles with an extreme case of the yellow fever will most likely be bored to sexual numbness watching these people go at it. It is almost as if they were a pair of awkward virgins going at it for the first time. Prepare to be flaccid.

However, we are at least allowed to exit on a good note. An absolutely outlandish group sex scene that never seems to end until we see a release of confetti and topless middle-aged Japanese men waving batons. Fucking punk rock.

To be completely honest, I really didn't care for this film as much as I thought I would, only for the sake of one's curiosity did I upload this film, and don't we all want to satisfy those curiosities? I don't think anyone has bothered to upload Tampon Tango in the past (besides a few elitist torrent sites) so I thought I would save anyone the trouble of trying to track this one down.

The scenes that are memorable are extremely so, but the consistency is what kills it. The actual sex scenes are way too long and drawn out, and if those were shortened just a bit I think Tampon Tango would be a flawless cult classic. Most likely there will be more who enjoy this than I did, although I have to say, I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like Tampon Tango.... ever.

Saturday, April 10, 2010 at 8:54 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments

On another note (I seem to be making more than one posts these days, I don't have much of a life lately...)

A playlist I made is now being featured on Drink Cold!

Check it out! Lots of noise, denpa madness, and other fine gems that I've put on there.

Drink Cold is one of the best blogs on the net, so be sure to look through the rest as well. It's all in French, so bust out your Google Translator and check that shit out.


at 6:53 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 5 Comments

I believe I posted an EP of their's earlier, but I thought this album deserved a post as well, so to reintroduce this group....

group_inou consists of two people, imai (track producer) and cp (vocals). group_inou combines video-game like instrumentation with an almost punk-like approach to hip-hop. The groups' music is extremely feel good, but also rings in with a sort of nostalgia in their chiptune sound that makes guys like me weep bittersweetly.


I never really cared for much Japanese rap before, most of it I feel is an embodiment of Western culture, most of it being typified by people who are influenced by white youth who in turn themselves are trying to embody black culture. So basically, Japanese people trying to act like white guys who are trying to act like black guys. This may be a bit generalized, yes, but I feel that group_inou is one of the few rap groups I have heard from Japan that actually sound purely Japanese. I mean, how many cheesy Engrish hooks can you hear in group_inou's music? Not any really.

With that being said, group_inou is something unique, something amazing, but something that may not be appreciated among everyone due to it being quite unorthodox, especially in comparison to Western rap. But for those who are open to something a little different, perhaps even challenging to your current perception of rap, then group_inou will more than likely win a place in your heart. FAN has become one of my favorite albums from Japan.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/groupinou
Official Site: http://g-a-l.jp/group_inou/



Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 9:42 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 1 Comment

Also, on a quick side note....

How can anything be so perfect? :'|

at 9:32 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments

Thieves of Zozo is comprised of two people, one going by the name Abampere, and the other, Tiger De La Vega. The name, Thieves of Zozo, is a Final Fantasy reference, although I will have to admittedly say that I have never played the series (except for Final Fantasy X for Playstation 2, which I hear isn't all that good....) I think Zozo's musical landscapes differentiate far from the general feeling that Final Fantasy provokes. Thieves of Zozo's music is cold, and industrial, but those adjectives aren't meant to be synonymous with a lack of emotion. The ambient drones of Zozo can be categorized with a sense of disconnection, like the swirling mechanical mess of Tsukamoto's cyberpunk efforts. Along with swirling electronics and keys, we get some excellent minimalist percussion that perfectly blends along the edges of the ambiance, bleeding into it and creating something transcendent of its original parts. Think something like Burial meets Blade Runner.

'Erase Another Piece' off of their 1st full length, Never Knows Best

Never Knows Best was their first release, written in a few days time while Tiger was in the hospital, who sent his instrumentals over to Abampere who completed his half. This was followed recently by a b-sides collection properly entitled Never Knows B-Sides (a free digital release). Although it is a b-sides album, there is a considerable amount of progression in the album, seeming more like a proper follow up album than some tracks that were simply tossed aside and not fitting enough to be released in a regular full length. The b-sides release may in fact be even more accessible than the first album, including two tracks with vocals, one of them being a very loose cover of Monochrome from the Ghost in the Shell series. Zozo's next full length, currently titled Practical Magic, is to be released sometime in the future, incorporating elements of disco, giving a good indication of the bands progression so far.

Never Knows Best [ZL-05]
Stream: http://thievesofzozo.com/
Purchase: http://www.zoomlens.bigcartel.com/

Thieves of Zozo- Never Knows B-Sides [ZLDR-01]

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 12:24 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments

A fairly unknown gem of cute techno-pop produced primarily by Yasutaka Nakata (capsule) along with Hayashibe Tomonori (Plus-Tech Squeeze Box), Imai Kentaro (Aprils), and Okuda Hidetaka (Sucrette).

Original Cover

Originally released in 2005 as lollipop, it quickly went out of print and was recently re-released last year, remastered, re-arranged, and with brand new tracks. Don't bother searching for a download of the original album though, it's essentially the same but without tracks 1, 7, and 9 (which are pretty much interlude tracks at that).


Most of the sound can be categorized as purely shibuya-kei, comparable to much of capsule's earlier work. Despite so many different produces appearing on this album, the sound is fairly consistent. Track 8 is a cover of an Aprils song.

Track listing:
1. clear beats
2. フレイバー (produced by Nakata Yasutaka)
3. tic tac (produced by Hayashibe Tomonori)
4. strawberry (produced by Hayashibe Tomonori)
5. ララリル (produced by Nakata Yasutaka)
6. lollipop (produced by Hayashibe Tomonori)
7. Pot marjoram
8. パン・ダ (produced by Imai Kentaro)
9. てんとう虫とチューリップ


フレイバー (Flavor)

ララリル (Rarariru)