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Thursday, February 4, 2010 at 9:40 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 2 Comments


Ah, nostalgia. Listening to this almost makes me want to weep. This is a compilation of Sonic the Hedgehog songs that came with select copies of Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast. It came in a nice blue box along with a collector's coin and a small booklet detailing the history of Sonic along with a nice collection of pictures. But that isn't important to you, now is it? What is important is that this encompasses all of the Sonic music till Sonic Adventure 2. You get to hear the genius of composer Masato Nakamura at work, that is, until you get about 15 songs deep and then all you get are really cheesy rock songs (Dreamcast-era Sonic, obviously).

My favorite Sonic game is tied between the original, and Sonic and Knuckles. To be honest though, I don't think I've ever beaten a Sega Sonic game in my life. Platformers were hardasfuq back in the day, breh. What's your favorite Sonic game?


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  1. You forgot the most important element of the game . . . chaos. but Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. -Michelle

  2. I never played much Sonic seriously so I don't have a favorite. In fact until the Xbox came out I never owned a game system that wasn't made by Nintendo and to this day I've only bought two games systems by other companies (PS1 and Xbox) but I remember a daycare center that I went to when I was 4 and 5 that had a Sega Genesis and at least one of the early Sonic games. That and an SNES with (I think) Earthworm Jim. I think those days cemented a life long love for video games, especially the simple variety, with crazy amazing Japo music.

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