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Spacey 2-step/dubstep single by London native Peter O'Grady. I'm not too knowledgeable on either genre, but I believe many here would be appreciative of this due to his use of minimalism and repetition in his works. It's the kind of stuff you can grind a bitch to (a very classy bitch, mind you). Very cool stuff indeed.


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Etsuko Yakushimaru is the lead vocalist of Sôtaisei Riron, one of the best pop-rock band currently playing in Japan. Not as good as Clammbon but way better than Tôkyô Jihen if you ask me. Anyway, Etsuko Yakushimaru also pursues a solo career which deserves your attention.

Oyasumi Paradox is her first single (released in October 2009) and the title song has been used as the opening of Natsu No Arashi! Akinai Chû. This song has been my gate to Etsuko Yakushimaru's world and i hope this article will bring more people to listen to her works.

While obviously surfing on the Perfume wave / Techno-Kayô revival, she managed to create a sound of her own. More important, the song is a well-crafted pop tune. The electro arrangement certainly adds something but you can hear the song would be equally solid without it.

The B-Side is a cover of the 1980 Techno-Kayô hit : Jenny Ha Gokigen Naname by Juicy Fruits. A song which has been covered numerous time (Perfume performs it live). Once again, Etsuko brings her own sensibility to this classic tune. It doesn't have the quality of the A-Side but it's enough to make this single a worth listen.


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Shoegaze to me has never been a dark genre, but 101a's sound is very ominous and often depressing. The compositions are often very minimalist, yet extremely powerful, providing a sense of disconnection and discomfort, with Noah's vocals being the driving force of this aural abyss. While the lucid vibes of shoegaze may typically serve as a storyline to the pleasures of falling in love, 101a seems to tell of the jealousy and pain of love, the sickness and obsession one can formulate in their mind from such broken hearts. The sound feels very physical to me. Like a wet dream, the sound encompasses a sort of charged sexual energy, flowing through you with a sense of brevity, yet leaving you dazed in a sense of pleasure and confusion.


Anyone have this album? :(

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Why do I need to post a Perfume album? Well, most casual listeners of the group may have looked over this single that they released shortly after their indie days. And hey, their name is even written in hiragana on this album. Perfume teamed up with denpa queen Momoi Haruko of Under17 fame and.... well, Momoi Haruko fame, and this was the end result of said efforts. It is pretty much the kind of production you would expect with a Momoi Haruko song, but with the voices of Perfume instead. A nice change of pace, and Kashi's voice sounds adorable on this. A really cool collaboration for fans of both artists. I'll stop before I start acting like too much of a drooling fanboy at how amazing this.

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Psychedelic/noise-rock leftists. Waves of guitar feedback guided by repetitive bass and drums. Completely insane in sound and spirit. Although it is something spoken with regret in present day, bassist Moriaki Wakabayashi was involved in the hijacking of Japanese Airlines Flight 351. A small fact that may give you insight into their chaotic mindset. The band has been noted for their extreme visual experience, making use of strobe lights and mirror balls. Psychedelic, indeed.

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Out of boredom and due to following trends, I started this Tumblr yesterday. It is more or less a focus on Japanese music of various kind (which Female Trouble seems to be for the most part anyways, so I guess this can be like Female Trouble Pt.2, but under a different name for the Tumblr savvy out there). So if you use Tumblr, please follow this! For the most part I'll post different stuff from here.

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Waffles is an indie group from Japan who's style is very similar to groups like advantage lucy, but imagine something MUCH cuter and subdued at times, playful and even a little nostalgic. The kind of music that will cling to your heart and maybe make you even tear a bit, although those will likely be very happy tears. This is the kind of moody album that you can put on during any season and you're sure to find something special and new about it. I absolutely adore this album. Put it on and frolic to your heart's content.

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Shinsei Kamatte-Chan is a fairly new band to the Japanese music scene and are definitely one to start keeping an eye on. Their sound can be likened to other contemporary Japanese groups such as Urbangarde and Midori in their somewhat avant-garde approach to pop music. Singer Kono sings and yelps like a drunken Takkyu Ishino who came across a bit too many distortion pedals and pitch shifters, while leader Mono happily plays at his piano laying down a nice melodic background which often times cannot even protrude out of the layers of guitar and noise that surround it. Shinsei Kamatte-Chan are certainly not the most bizzare sounding band out there, but their attention to such subtle detail and their ability to keep themselves subdued at the right moments make them something truly unique. Listening to 友だちを殺してまで is like slowly watching someone lose their mind. Each track exposes a different side to the band and it is perhaps with the track "学校に行きたくない" where the band hits a mark of chaos so noticeably.

友だちを殺してまで is at times both uplifting and utterly disturbing, beautiful and jagged. I haven't heard a band like this in a long time and for their first release, this album shows experience beyond their years. Great potential is shown here and I can only hope that their music gains a bigger and well-deserved fan base.

Thank you to Japshare, where I discovered this album.