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Tuesday, February 23, 2010 at 3:37 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 7 Comments


Even japanese hardcore die-hard fans don't know much about Mad Conflux. All we know is that they were from Yokosuka and played from 1985 to 1991, the year vocalist Kazuma died in a car accident (or was it an overdose? or maybe one induced the other?).

Anyway, Mad Conflux never had a proper release of their own and i believe that's what prevented them to achieve post-mortem fame and legendary status.

This CD compiles everything they recorded for various compilations (Hang The Sucker, Get Back The Discharged Arrow, Triple Cross Counter Tour...), a tape-only release and a split flexi with Janky. It also has two live sets with decent sound quality.
So, yeah, you get to hear the same songs a bunch of times and it gets a bit boring in the end.

Mad Conflux was one of the first japanese hardcore band to include elements obviously borrowed to american bands in their sound.
Without them and a few others (SIC, Corruption Of Peace... both had 'gaijins' in their line-up), japanese bands would maybe still be playing the old boring traditionnal style known as Japcore. Long mid-tempo songs with too many guitar solos. And that would be awful for everyone.

Just for that reason, Mad Conflux deserves a bit of your attention if you're slightly interested in japanese hardcore-punk.

Or you can just download this to get a bunch of short and angry songs, some of them having funny titles in engrish.


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  1. From Toromi to Mad Conflux. Interesting blog...

  2. Can i still take you up on that offer of uploading Zouroku No Kibyou in flac?

  3. Of course! I'll get that uploaded this weekend.

  4. I appreciate it, Hijokaidan is so awesome.

  5. Oh wait, I don't know if I can rip to FLAC actually. Would Apple Lossless be cool? If not, I can just look up how to rip to FLAC

  6. :( dead link! this sounds awesome.

  7. could you re-up this one?



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