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A blog where we post whatever we want. A focus on music, obscure film, and more. Many links are our own uploads, but just as many are taken from other blogs. If you have a problem with us having your links on our blog, we are glad to take them down. Female Trouble is maintained by Garrett (ZOOM LENS), Michelle, and Megane-Kun (Drink Cold). If there is something that you think we may have that you wish to ask for, do not hesitate to ask us! Please email gyyguy@yahoo.com. The Female Trouble email is not checked.


1. Wingtip Sloat - I'm On The Wrong Side
2. Raymond Scott - Twilight In Turkey
3. C.C.C.C. - Female Trouble
4. Dame Darcy & Helpless Suckling Whelps, The - Little Red Riding Hood
5. Masonna - Masonanie USA
6. Squirmbo - Pillow Talk
7. Evil Moisture - Excerpt From Yerm Flowers Cassette

Bananafish was a magazine based in San Francisco by Seymour Glass. Striving for both the absurd and the avant-garde it gained quite a nice underground following. Perhaps one of the most imporant things concering this magazine was how it exposed otherwise unattainable music to the Americas. This compilation in particular features the works of noise groups such as C.C.C.C. (the track, Female Trouble, which this blog is named after) and Masonna. But not to disregard the other works on this compilation, they are all compelling and interesting and are sure to appeal to anyone who has an interest in the experimental.


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