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I received my copy of 'Saudade' by Saki Kubota today

To my surprise (as you may be able to see towards the bottom of the 2nd picture), she is accompanied by an ensemble of two guitarists, and two viola players. Side A features reworked versions of her song with this ensemble, and Side B is her usual thematic 80's pop. Whatever music may be behind her voice though, there is still that urgency of longing and loneliness that one may be all too well accustomed with during the bleak and moody winter that we are slowly passing through right now

I'll try and rip this to mp3s soon, but don't expect the most excellent quality :3


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group_inou is a two piece hip-hop group from Japan. Their sound is hard to categorize, kind of a nostalgic video game-esque sound to them, loads of processed and hyperactive sounds coming from every direction. Very uplifting stuff, and one of my favorite records to be released in 2009.


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Gauge Means Nothing were a short-lived 4 piece from Tokyo, Japan. Their unique brand of screamo can be attributed to the vocals, which were provided by bassist Yuichi, guitarist Kenta, and female singer Tamao. The somewhat flat and high pitched yelping of Tamao combined with the nasally vocals and guttural screams of both Yuichi and Kenta gave them a sort of raw edge over more well-produced screamo groups. Another interesting element they had were their use of keyboards, while to some, may seem out of place and almost unnecessary, provided a fuller sound and melodic backdrop to the band. For some odd reason, the keyboardist is uncredited on various websites describing the group's line-up, but she is very present in most live videos of the band. All in all, what separates this group from other Japanese screamo groups is their ability to sound raw, yet maintain a sense of melody to their music which is never too overbearing, nor undermined. At only 4 songs deep, the record is surprisingly fulfilling. Possibly one of the best Japanese screamo records to come out. This record can also be purchased on the site, Meatcube.


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Saki Kubota is a Japanese pop-idol. I think. Her music transcends that of most idol-pop, entering territories that are almost unnerving and haunting in someways, yet still retains what one would typically expect from 80's idol-pop. There is little information on her, but surprisingly enough, Juntaro from the Gerogerigegege is very fond of her music, going as far as to say that among his top 10 favorite albums, Saki Kubota's discography is #1. I felt that when listenining to some of Kubota's work, I felt a great sense of unbeknowing and dread, similar to that of Gerogerigegege compositions such as "Endless Humiliation." Perhaps Juntaro's love for this women isn't so surprising after all.


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