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Nothing much more to say, she is heaven.

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  1. where does that pic come from?

  2. I found this randomly online a while back, I can't remember from where...it's a great picture though, Jun is my idol

  3. i like the cover of Halmens' "Densha de Go" on this live record!
    Well i think Halmens wrote this song if i'm not mistaken... The phrase "Densha De Go" seems quite popular in Japan (a popular train-driving simulation video game serie is also called like that... how fun can driving a train be?)

  4. I almost wish I didn't have this so that I could download it again . . . :P

    it's fantastic listened to it 5 times today

  5. I took the tip on that Halmens . . . good stuff . . . looks like Jun has covered a couple of their songs . . .


  6. She also does some (backing) vocals on some songs! Koji Ueno is also part of Halmens (he's the man behind the music of Guernica)...

  7. Thank god for Halmens

  8. Koji Ueno and the Halmens drummer were also in 8 1/2 (they appear on the 1979's Tokyo New Wave comp. i guess)...
    Everything goes back to punk-rock, right?

  9. I think Densha De Go stems from their Shonen Homeruns days. Good luck finding THAT album!

  10. Yeah, ha, Shonen Homerun is and will always be very distant from me, unfortunately. Searching for it has been such a pain, that I have long thrown in the towel ____

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