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Friday, October 16, 2009 at 11:23 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments


Hijokaidan has always stood out from it's peers due to their highly confrontational live performances and their somewhat unnerving and unique approach to their sound. Unlike some of their counterparts (Hanatarash, The Gerogerigegege), their music has little driving rhythm, rather, most of it is extremely disconnected, and in this, their music is only that more aggressive. It was said that Hijokaidan originally set-out to sound like Hawkwind performing at an airplane landing, which is really not too far off of a description. The noise can be characterized by being abrasively spacey and psychedelic. Although this record may not be as noisy as their future releases, it certainly captures a sort of essence of raw violence due to it being a compilation of live recordings. Personally, this is one of my favorite Hijokaidan records, and perhaps, one of my favorite noise recordings ever.

If you enjoy this record, I am willing to upload it in lossless for anyone who is interested. However, please support the people who made this album and consider purchasing it as well


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  1. PLEASE Upload this in FLAC!!!!!!

    I'm a very big Hijokaidan fan but i'm just a sixteen year old high school student so i can't really afford to be buying albums all over the place, i'd be great to find such an awesome album in lossless quality.

  2. Boring. Noise is like the epitome of commodity fetishism - listening to feedback because it's edgy and makes you sooooo much better than everyone else. Merzbow selling a half-grand boxset fucking sums it all up. Noise fans, keep thinking you're in on the joke, because the joke's on you!

  3. yeah i guess its boring for a guy who can only explain noise by saying listening to feedback. u haven't listened to enough stuff or it might just be the musical taste u developed. u sound like a dumb teen judging how other people think by your narrow minded standards.

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