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Monday, October 19, 2009 at 11:55 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 4 Comments

Friction was birthed by bassist Reck post-collaboration with New York No Wave initiators James Chance and Lydia Lunch, in which Reck and the other founding members of Friction played instruments for. Chiko Hige, drummer and back-up saxophonist of the Contortions, along with Reck and Tsunematsu Masatoshi formed the orignal line-up, releasing their first album in 1980:
軋轢 (Atsureki).

I can't help but say that I always think of The Fall when I listen to this album; granted, Reck's vocals are in my opinion much stronger than Mark E. Smith's. The British post-punk influence is obvious, as much as the abrasiveness of the New York No Wave sound. Jazz funk and all. Quintessential Japanese punk...simplistic, melodic.

軋轢 (Atsureki)


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  1. I feel like such a stuck up faggot when it comes to No Wave . . . I got into it before I knew of anyone else into it and since I only knew of the bigger names of No Wave I kinda had that "I was into it a while ago and now it's lame" attitude . . . but I keep coming upon the lesser knowns and they really are something to remember (along with a couple of the bigger names i.e. DNA) so thanks for this ima give it a chance even though I'm prejudiced against No Wave.

  2. Wikipedia says John Zorn played saxophone on their 3rd album . . . oh wiki how I love thee . . .

  3. We're all there with you, however, I enjoy this album...thoroughly. Say what you will!


  4. Well, Tsunematsu Masatoshi is not a member of the original line-up of Friction. The first guitarist is a guy named Lapis. He doesn't appear on any recordings but still...
    You should also upload the 3/3 (sanbun no san) record here, it's even before Chikohige and Reck went to new-york. I guess you know about it already...
    anyway, great blog.

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