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Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 8:25 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 2 Comments


So basically I am horrible at writing music reviews, so I'm going to do this the Pitchfork way and tell you my own personal biased opinion about this record by the instrumental Japanese band, Toe. What? Another instrumental band from Japan besides Mono? Personally, I don't like Mono. I hate when the dynamics of instrumental music are reduced to tremolo picking and playing octaves. Toe doesn't do that. They also know not to drag things out, another problem with most instrumental bands. There is a fine line between building tension and being plain boring. We hear recurring themes in a lot of Toe's songs, acoustic break downs, subtle electronics, and several spoken word monologues, but these are songs that are very distinctly melodic. The guitar work is lush, intricate, and beautiful. You can really sense the communication between the two players and they do not simply imitate each other. The bass serves it's purpose and creates a nice middle ground between the ting of clean guitars bouncing off each other, and the drummer... is just amazing, by far one of the most phenomenal drummers I have heard, the album is worth checking out solely for his playing.

Another thing I would like to mention is that Toe's drummer drums for Kimura Kaela. Kimura Kaela is close friends with techno-pop group, Perfume. So... in my fan boy fantasies, Toe and Perfume would collaborate one day. Hell yeah. Download the album!

If you enjoy this record, I am willing to upload it in lossless for anyone who is interested. However, please support the people who made this album and consider purchasing it as well

C [Live]
Kodoku no Hatsumei [Live]
Everything Means Nothing [PV]


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  1. Perfume are so boring. What's the difference between their music and that of, say, Kylie Minogue or Sugababes? Or Lady Gaga, if you want a more recent example. I can't figure it out, but will concede that they look quite nice.

  2. I'd say Perfume has much more cuteness and playful ideas than the ones u mentioned.... Lady Gaga..? are u fuking serious? Did u even listen to the first Perfume album? The only thing that relates to them is that they're both mainstream dance pop. The feel/vibe they're going for is totally different.

    By the way the girls don't do shit for the songs. They just sing like slaves for Yasutaka Nakata.

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