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Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 1:53 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments



So awhile ago I posted about Saki Kubota. An idol singer who also happens to be a Juntaro (The Gerogerigegege) favorite. Juntaro's eclectic taste is what initially attracted me to Kubota, but as I delved deeper into her music, the novelty of it all quickly evaporated, revealing not just another 80's pop singer, but something deeper, darker, almost pained. Bleak piano compositions mixed with the typical pop aesthetic of the 80's along with Kubota's endearing voice creates something beyond it's time. Many songs from her "Best Of" that I previously posted appear on these albums, but here they find a new light as they are integrated seamlessly between the panels of the rest of it's surrounding musical family.

25時 off of 天界

上海ノスタルジー off of AIRMAIL SPECIAL


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  1. 25:00 is without a doubt one of my favourite songs by her.

  2. sekiri are so fantastic. their Push Push Baby EP remains one of my favorite punk albums.

  3. Juntaro's mother!

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