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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 3:58 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 5 Comments

Shinsei Kamattechan may very well be the biggest thing in alternative rock in Japan since Number Girl. In December they released this album (Tsumanne) along with a major label album entitled Minna Shi Ne and are currently in the process of starring in a film directed by Yu Irie. Their chaotic live shows have gained them quite an amount of notoriety and it's safe to say that their albums very much capture that intensity. Tsumanne is an epic apocalyptic ambient-pop trip filled with anthemic noise-rock, chilling processed vocals, incomprehensible melodies layered over and over each other and gltiched out drums, at times the music reminds one of the obscure avant-pop of Yapoos mixed with the short stories of Kafka processed through headphones. Endearingly strange, Shinsei Kamattechan have very much pushed the boundaries of music with this album and have may already launched themselves among the ranks of legends in Japan. This is one album that all Japanese music fans must here.

*Note, the last two PVs were recorded roughly 1 or 2 years ago and were re-recorded on this album*


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  1. good as hell, u ought post they other new one

  2. I just discovered this blog, and am currently in the process of reading all the older posts chronologically. So, instead of making a comment on each entry individually, I'd like to say that I'm discovering such an obscene ammount of good bands/films/other thanks to you all, it's fantastic. Thank you so much! This is really giving me a bunch of high quality stuff to digest...

    About Shinsei Kamatte-chan, however, I love them and have those two albums in physical copy. <3 One of the best japanese bands around at the moment in my opinion! Their sound makes you feel almost horribly sad and melancholy, while simultaneously conforting you. Their use of sampled voices to make chords is great...

  3. @ ≦(◕ェ◕)≧ - Will do!

    @Hedorian- Thanks man. I'm really glad that you feel the same way as I do about their music, it's horribly depressing to me, it hits straight at my heart. I really hope that someone posts translated lyrics eventually, from hearing of their themes they're supposedly extremely obscure.

  4. Ah, I'd love to read translations of their lyrics! I've tried desciphering a few (with a dictionary and my poor japanese) and they enhance the music to a degree that makes the depression much worse/better. あるてぃめっとレイザー! seems to be about a rich, high class girl who enjoys urinating over inferior people. 天使じゃ地上じゃちっそく死 seems to be a repetition of "I want to die next to a toilet", over and oevr again. And 最悪な少女の将来 I think is about a lesbian girl who is completely shunned by her friends and bullied at school when they find out about her sexuality (I might be completely wonrg...).

    When I learnt all of this, the songs went from giving me goosebumps to destroying my spine with shivers.

  5. Wow, thanks a lot for this and the other one by them! Really good! To think, I came here looking to try and rebuild my long lost Zelda collection- what a wonderful surprise. Definitely gonna take a look through this blog for more cool stuff. Thanks again! :)

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