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Friday, April 16, 2010 at 9:04 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 0 Comments

I haven't made my presence known on on this blog in god knows how long...Garrett and Megane-kun have been holding up the fort very nicely, so kudos to both.

A couple months ago, per recommendation, I played through what is now my favorite game of all time. This is Mother 2, or in as released America, Earthbound. I hope that some of you have played this game, but if not, I'm sure you'll recognize the main character as Ness...the little boy equipped with hat and baseball bat in the Super Smash games. A general and very vague synopsis of the game would be..: 'a boy with a bat and psychic powers saving the world'. The MOTHER SERIES is truly of it's own kind though...The gameplay is unique as is the dialogue. There is a sense of longing and nostalgia in the world that Shigesato Itoi (writer/creator) has graced us players with. Each character you encounter makes a true bond, even so that leveling up is not a concern as much as getting involved with your surroundings and the entities existing...? I can't really put to words how genius this game is....I'd put the game to shame. Please and perhaps you will find out for yourself! Let me know if you want me to post any roms or emulators...


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