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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 9:32 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments

Thieves of Zozo is comprised of two people, one going by the name Abampere, and the other, Tiger De La Vega. The name, Thieves of Zozo, is a Final Fantasy reference, although I will have to admittedly say that I have never played the series (except for Final Fantasy X for Playstation 2, which I hear isn't all that good....) I think Zozo's musical landscapes differentiate far from the general feeling that Final Fantasy provokes. Thieves of Zozo's music is cold, and industrial, but those adjectives aren't meant to be synonymous with a lack of emotion. The ambient drones of Zozo can be categorized with a sense of disconnection, like the swirling mechanical mess of Tsukamoto's cyberpunk efforts. Along with swirling electronics and keys, we get some excellent minimalist percussion that perfectly blends along the edges of the ambiance, bleeding into it and creating something transcendent of its original parts. Think something like Burial meets Blade Runner.

'Erase Another Piece' off of their 1st full length, Never Knows Best

Never Knows Best was their first release, written in a few days time while Tiger was in the hospital, who sent his instrumentals over to Abampere who completed his half. This was followed recently by a b-sides collection properly entitled Never Knows B-Sides (a free digital release). Although it is a b-sides album, there is a considerable amount of progression in the album, seeming more like a proper follow up album than some tracks that were simply tossed aside and not fitting enough to be released in a regular full length. The b-sides release may in fact be even more accessible than the first album, including two tracks with vocals, one of them being a very loose cover of Monochrome from the Ghost in the Shell series. Zozo's next full length, currently titled Practical Magic, is to be released sometime in the future, incorporating elements of disco, giving a good indication of the bands progression so far.

Never Knows Best [ZL-05]
Stream: http://thievesofzozo.com/
Purchase: http://www.zoomlens.bigcartel.com/

Thieves of Zozo- Never Knows B-Sides [ZLDR-01]

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  1. I wish Tsukamoto and Blade Runner hadn't been mentioned :'l . . . oh well . . . I still haven't listened to this one very much . . . but it'd be really awkward since Albert (Tiger) is living at my house right now . . . XD

  2. Yo, I was interested in this, and downloaded it, but it didn't extract properly (it was missing the song with the Monochrome cover/samples. figures, as that was the song that piqued my interest). any chance you could upload just that track?

  3. Here you go, it's probably nothing like you're expecting though, it's an extremeleyyyy loose cover haha:


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