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Friday, April 16, 2010 at 11:30 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 0 Comments


Can words describe the totally ass-kicking essence of this record?
I don't think so but i'll try anyway.

First, i have to say that "Troma City Pollution Attack" has been one of my favourite records since i got it on a 120-minutes mixtape crammed with fastcore and powerviolence nearly 10 years ago.

The tape also had some early Razor's Edge, Lie and the Slight Slappers' masterpiece "A Selfish World Called Freedom". But even what was considered as the cream of the japanese punk-hardcore scene could not compare with the almighty Flash Gordon.

Look at this more-than-ugly cover! Yes, there's the Toxic Avenger drawn by a mentally-challenged child on it! And the other cover on the back is even uglier if that's even possible!

Now check out the track-list : Road Warrior, Surf Nazis Must Die!, Toxic Avenger, Whipping Queen, Yakiniku Warfare!
How can you not like a track called "
That's right, it's impossible.

I'd like to talk more about the lyrics but the insert is just the ultimate katakana nightmare of every japanese language student :

What about the music?

Well, it's over-the-top crazed and snotty fast thrashcore.

The thing we used to call "bandana-core" around 2000-2001 when bands like What Happens Next?, DS-13 and Vitamin X brought back pure energy and fun into hardcore (which, at this point, had become short-haired shitty metalcore bands singing about animal liberation and describing their vegan diets).

A lot of bands just played generic and fast-but-boring thrash around the time but Flash Gordon really deserves the superlatives i used above.
The songs are short and REALLY fast, there are plenty of silly guitar solos as well as rad breakdowns which make you want to break your bones trying to ride a fat skateboard or to start a circle-pit alone in your room... Basically more fun and energy you can hope for.

Flash Gordon released two 7", had 4 tracks on the awesome "Tomorrow Will Be Worse" compilation and then released their only full-length on Answer Records, a label from Nagoya.

Well, i don't know if you can call a 15-minutes long record a full-length... But who cares? Every second of this record is worth listening and moshing along to!

Some members (the guitarist and singer if i'm not mistaken) are now playing in a band called Ada-Max. Which can be described as splatter-crossover-thrash-with-insane-vocals-on-top.

You know it's all good.


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