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Friday, January 22, 2010 at 8:30 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 2 Comments

Self-proclaimed 'Tokyo Virginity Pop' group, Urbangarde, lies somewhere between the somewhat sexual exuberance of denpa heroes, Under17, and the experimental-pop leanings of Yapoos. A hyperactive blend of non-stop synths, drum-machines, and somewhat monotonous duel male/female vocals preaching the message of keeping your virginity, the mental disease of otakusim and other social phenomenons within Japan, Urbangarde's music is almost specifically, and ironically, made for the kind of people that they seem to be speaking out against. Nevertheless, this is a very interesting record, too experimental to be pop, but too pop to be completely experimental. Highly recommended.

This record and other items can be purchased directly from their site through PayPal: http://www.urbangarde.net/english.htm


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  1. it seems like there's a problem with the .rar file...

  2. Cool album, thanks for sharing!

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