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Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 11:05 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 0 Comments

[Part 2]

1. Amai Zeitaku (甘い贅沢; lit. Sweet Luxury) - MEG
2. China Discotica (Substance Remix) - Aira Mitsuki
3. Local Train - immi
4. Stay Fine - Sound Around
5. Love Me After 12AM -RAM RIDER REMIX- - m-flo <3s Alex (CLAZZIQUAI Project)
6. Sayonara Revival (サヨナラリヴァイバル; lit. Goodbye Revival) - Saori@destiny
7. The Goonies ‘r’ Good Enough - Sweet Vacation
8. My Treasure
9. Meu Sonho (yasutaka nakata - capsule mix) - KALEIDO
10. you’ll be all right -re:construct- - Iwaya Shigeru
11. Magic Colors - Nakatsuka Takeshi
12. Sun Lights Stars (yasutaka nakata 8FM mix) - RAM RIDER
13. Just - Q;indivi
14. R.G.B - Spangle calli Lilli line
15. Dreaming rabbit - The Sakura Telephone

A great compilation detailing the current electrohouse scene in Japan. Includes works by Yasutaka Nakata, Terukado, Ram Rider and many more. For people who need an introduction or for those who are already quite familiar with the scene. Cute, sexy, upbeat. I would usually be more detailed about an album like this, but either you like this kind of music or not. The only thing wrong about this album is that there's no Perfume!

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