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Monday, January 25, 2010 at 12:49 AM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments


Romaji Tracklist:
1. etc... rabu
2. Shizuru
3. Tasshu de Atsukeepu
4. Comirukarafu
5. Baby Star Hunter
6. Modorunkioku
7. Toromajutsu
8. DNA Shiikuensu
9. Waaningu

Remember when you were a child and you were filled with anger when you heard that the latest episode of Pokemon would not be showed overseas because when Polygon appeared on the screen and started flashing, it caused thousands of children to have seizures? Well, don't feel so down, because I would imagine that Toromi's music is the audio equivalent of that (actually, I even have a friend who literally had a seizure while watching one of Toromi's videos, I don't think there was any actual evidence that supported the correlation of the two things together, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was the real reason behind it). Toromi's music is extremely cute, and as one blog describes it, 'unethically so.' While the world of high pitched denpa artists may turn most people off, there is an alarming sense of melody and tight production lying behind said vocals. The albums of Toromi draw an extremely thin line between something of childlike innocence and something disturbing beyond comprehension. Don't die.


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  1. i absolutely had no idea that Toromi was the thing i needed right now!
    thanks a lot Garrett! Female Trouble gets better with every post! I don't like everything you share here but this is refreshing.
    Thank you.

  2. Always a pleasure, magane-kun. Did the Urbangarde ever end up working for you?

  3. no... error message when i try to unzip the file. whatever...

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