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Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at 1:32 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 1 Comment

Sorry for the lack of updates, awhile ago I promised myself that I would try and post daily to keep up interest for those who actually do read this blog (or would daily posts be a bit too excessive?) and I've seemed to have failed to keep up that promise. I've been quite busy these past few weeks playing in friend's bands and going to Anime Expo (fanboyed tHe fUcK oUt at AKB48). But enough about my personal life, I've had some stuff uploaded on Mediafire for awhile that I just haven't bothered to post here yet. Here's one of them:

This is Denki Groove's 10th album (if one is to disregard the remix albums of Flash Papa and A) and is the successor to their album, A. This album came out in 2000, 3 years after A had been released. Relative to the year it was released, it plays off like some kind of drug-induced, futuristic dance album, at times often humorous, sometimes even nostalgic of the past, often posing as something mechanical or robotic, but also laced with the pop sensibilities that Denki Groove has always possessed underneath their strange exterior. Personally, I think this is a great follow-up to A, it builds off of everything else they've done up to this point into a much fuller and realized sound. Although this album does derive off of their dance music influences a lot more, I think it's hardly something to be turned off from (if you don't like that kind of thing), the album possesses a certain stream-of-consciousness attitude that is completely warped and unlike anything you would expect from the influences that Denki Groove wears.

The video looks like something predating Crazy Frog commercials or something to that extent, but being familiar with Denki Groove one can assume that they must have had some sense of humor when creating this video, right?


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  1. I was gonna say that first video was really crazy but after watching flashback disco...wow XD
    Thanks for posting ^__^

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