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Monday, March 22, 2010 at 9:23 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 2 Comments

A quick word up to the people that actually read this blog. So I haven't updated this ish in ages, partly because of mid-terms (just one more tomorrow!) and growing laziness, and recording some new music here and there, but I'll be getting some new stuff up soon because I'll be on spring break as of this Thursday...

-Tampon Tango (Japanese Cult Porno)
-Spiderman (Tokusatsu)
-Shiki-Jitsu (although I haven't even watched it myself yet ;P)
-Lots of albums in lossless quality
(ZestyBrick, I'm not sure if you got my comment, but is ALAC cool too for 蔵六の奇病?)
-And more, but I can't think right now....

The Gerogerigeegeegeee presents "Yellow Fever Bazooka"

On a side note, I made a mash-up of The Gerogerigegege + "Gee" by SNSD/Girls Generation that some of you here may enjoy (click the picture for the link). I also have one coming up with C.C.C.C. and "Everybody Dance Now" entitled "C.C.C.C. Music Factory" and a few others that only a handful of people will find mildly amusing....

Now I'm off to study for my philosophy mid-term and read about existentialist themes that are telling me to not study


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  1. existentialism changed my life . . . it's why I'm dropping out of college XD

  2. Damn this Gerogerigegege/Girl's Generation mix is hilarious.

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