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A blog where we post whatever we want. A focus on music, obscure film, and more. Many links are our own uploads, but just as many are taken from other blogs. If you have a problem with us having your links on our blog, we are glad to take them down. Female Trouble is maintained by Garrett (ZOOM LENS), Michelle, and Megane-Kun (Drink Cold). If there is something that you think we may have that you wish to ask for, do not hesitate to ask us! Please email gyyguy@yahoo.com. The Female Trouble email is not checked.

I feel as if every time I come back on here, it's some sort of apology for not ever signing on here and posting anymore. So here is another apology! I wanted to shamelessly self-promote a little something here. I'm going to be having a small radio show broadcast online from my campus, so if any of you want to tune in, that would be great. I'll be playing, of course, lots of Japanese music, as well as whatever else I'm feeling at the moment. Could be a little more mainstream, a little obscure, it'll be whatever really. I may play some more "normal" stuff just to ease in the show at first though. Either way, I hope you get SOMETHING out of it and maybe hear something new. Here are the details:

Titan Internet Radio at 5:30-6:00 PM PST every Tuesday.

There will be a webcam set-up so you can all jerk off to my face as well.

Thanks ya'll

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