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Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 2:25 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 1 Comment

Amu is described as an "indie/technopop" outfit and rightfully so. With their debut album, "Prism," the group combines the messy quirkiness of indie groups with the cuteness and refined production of bigger technopop acts out now. Imagine the energy of レコライド mixed with Hazel Nuts Chocolate and some very odd production on top of that and you come close to the sound of Amu. They are definitely one of the standout groups in the technopop scene right now and deserve your attention. They don't sound like a group produced by Nakata, nor one by Terukado, and while I do love that sound, it's nice to hear some originality for once and not just another group trying to sound like the next Perfume.


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  1. I just wanna brag that I saw RECORIDE live and yes they fucking blew me away with their energy.

    Thanks for this though, pretty good stuff indeed.

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