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I thought I'd make this post to point people in the direction of some amazing blogs that definitely need some more recognition. Check all these out! I've learned about so many amazing artists from these people.

-Habit of Sex: JAPANESE INDEPENDENT MUSIC (The most obscure stuff you'll ever find!)
-Japshare: DUH!

Also, if you could take the time to check out/follow a blog my friend and I run focusing on the Orange County Noise scene and the annual Santa Ana Noise Festival. We try to update fairly often about local happenings and artists.

Santa Ana Noise Festival @ The OCCCA

We also have a YouTube channel: OCNoise



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  2. (-`ω´- ) ilu

    i think japshare is on hiatus (considering it hasn't updated since the summer when the latest midori album came out). really depressing.

  3. these guys are all legends, stalking duppi is new to me but im going to try to check out as much as i can from it.
    i dont know if you are aware of this blog? has been one of the main sources of music for me in the past half year or so

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