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Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 4:38 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments

Silver Forest is a doujin music circle who produces remixes and rearrangements of music from the Touhou series. Not to be confused with the more well-known IOSYS, I believe Silver Forest produces songs that are typically more faithful to it's original works, but that is not to say I have any preference over IOSYS or Silver Forest; they both make innovative, and insane interpretations of the Touhou works. That being said, this album has some very relaxed, simple orchestrated instrumentals, warm electro-pop, as well as the fast-paced typical loli-styled songs that one would typically associate with any doujin music circle, especially one focused on something like Touhou. Enjoy.


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  1. excellent stuff, you should post ARM's solo album if you've heard that one

  2. Hey do you have Death Composition by E.D.P.S.?

  3. Richard- I actually haven't heard that one yet! I need to definitely track that one down, I love his work with Albatrosicks as well.

    Anonymous- Unfortunately, I don't. I can ask around though, I'm definitely digging the songs that are on YouTube.


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