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Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 8:32 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 2 Comments

This name will most likely strike a sense of unfamiliarity among most people, but chances are you more than likely know his music. If you were anything like me (and I mean that in the sense of you being a kid of the 90s) you were most likely caught up in the Pokemon craze. The one thing in particular that stands out in Pokemon that many may have not appreciated when they were younger is the music, and Junichi Masuda is the man to thank for that.

(To the left, Junichi Masuda)

Junichi Masuda was one of the main founders of the company, Game Freak, and has composed the music for a large majority of the Pokemon video game series and television shows. He himself was the sole composer of the original Red & Green versions of Pokemon and was even responsible for the cries of the Pokemon used within the game, all thanks to a program he created called the "Sound Driver."

Unless the last.fm trolls just got to his profile, apparently some of his favorite music includes Stravinsky, Linkin Park, Slipknot, The Prodigy, and Rotterdam hardcore. Who ever thought that 'Smack My Bitch Up' was an important influence on Pokemon?

Nowadays Pokemon still seems to be relatively prevalent in Japan, but has had severely decreased popularity in the states, it's core following now grown up. Pokemon seems to be something held on for nostalgia's sake, and only for that reason, as if Pokemon is a kind of novelty to be treated purely as a childhood memory and to like it beyond those reasons is well... childish. Personally, I do like Pokemon for those reasons, it does indeed bring back memories, however, still to this day I believe that Pokemon is a damn good game, "childish" or not, and I am not embarrassed at all to admit that.

If you are ever wondering who to thank for the flood of nostalgia and tears that overcome you when playing your version of Red or Blue on Gameboy, you have Junichi Masuda to thank.


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  1. Funny cause I still know some dudes who play pokemon in their 20's! lol

    but ya the popularity really has diminished

  2. I will be 20 this year and I still play Red and Blue so yeah. Woohoo for dudes in their 20's playing Pokemon! I need a DS bayud I've been missing the last couple games :( . . .

    You know what's sad is that I knew all this yet I had never looked for the soundtracks to the games myself . . . I guess I was just content popping my game into my gameboy . . .

    Gary's theme was always my favorite, was singing it to myself at work just yesterday ironically enough.

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