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Monday, November 9, 2009 at 9:54 PM Posted by FEMALE TROUBLE 3 Comments

Hijokaidan's 2nd album. On this record, Hijokaidan completely abandons the somewhat psychedelic and jazzy sounds of Zouroku No Kibyou and transcends into territories that are somewhat surreal and disturbing. For a Hijokaidan record, the music is surprisingly sparse and this only adds to the sense of disconnectedness. What is probably the most noticeable change to the Hijokaidan sound is the stronger emphasis on vocals, electronics, drums and feedback. Highly dissonant and bizarre, this is a perfect record documenting the ever changing sound of one of Japan's first noise groups.


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  1. Boooooooring. You know how they say about pop music that there's nothing behind the dancing and funny haircuts? Noise is the exact same thing. Look past the avant-garde outsider I-hate-society-and-am-better-than-you wankage and there's nothing but dickheads wasting their time and yours. The ethos is a load of adolescent self-preserving pretentious dogshit. It's pretty sad that actual music is reduced into something kitsch by the noise listener's discerning "taste". Wow, I listen to noise and pop at the same time! What a contrarian gesture! Just when the reader thinks you are a hardcore subversive impenetrable nihilist, you turn around and profess admiration for a female bubblegum pop singer - yeah, take that, world!

  2. I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to prove with this post. I don't think I have ever came off with some kind of pretension within any of my posts about my listening, and that I feel some kind of superiority over others because noise and pop are so vastly different from each other that it calls for me to be condescending to others. I listen to music of all different genres, that's really all there is to it. Don't read into it so much. I post music on a blog. Is this something to get so offended about? In fact, in your close-minded post it seems like you're the one who has the pretensions about music. Also, I would like to know who these 'female bubblegum pop singers' are, because that shit definitely don't apply to Saki Kubota, man.


  3. hi garrett
    i like this. thank you

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